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TLE – Start-up
Our design perspective of the TLE emphasizes the essential elements for a proof of concept of a business that is constantly in the state of flux and where the ideal point of balance is not fixed, but shifts constantly in response to changing conditions.

A healthy organism does not assume a fixed balance, but remains open and ready to adjust in response to the ebb and flow of external environmental influences. Harmony of balance between can only be achieve when there is a mutually and beneficial – synergetic – relationship between the parts and the whole of TLE and the external environment in which it operates.

We think what you need to know to achieve stable, harmonious balance for Start-up are:

1. the assumptions about the environment, mission, and core competencies; and what you need to do is to make them explicit knowledge.
2. the strategies that are essential to validate the start-up assumptions; and you need to do is formulate and execute strategy.


Assumptions are the specifications behind TLE business model —I assume the elements in what you called the corporate strategy, above. These become the first assumptions, that are used to formulate strategies, that are established as procedures or operating norms

Figure 4 – the business model canvass


Use the basic strategic fit framework

Figure 5 – the firm and industry environment fit

Surviving and Thriving

The Receptor (marketing; actionable insight)
The Brain (leadership; initiate action)
The Affector (fulfillment; core process execution)
Build Measure Learn (three-step loop )

Figure 6 – the 3-step learning loop
TLE- working 2nd & 3rd blog.docx